February 12, 2024 Comment

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Let’s be honest, wearing the same style as someone else at an event can be a bit awkward. Wearing the same fabric is cool but being in the same style is a bit weird and that’s why most people these days, especially bridesmaids sew different styles for weddings. At least, with that, you can wear it to a different event unlike not being able to use it anymore because you would not like to be present at a different place with another bridesmaids wearing the same style as you.

Same style bridesmaids dresses used to be the order of the day a few years back but now, the ladies have switched it up a bit!.Some guests even say they get design inspirations from the style of dresses they see bridesmaids wear at weddings. Most guests are usually eager to see the bridesmaids at the wedding so they can see the color and styles of the cloth or fabric they chose. If you have friends that like to slay, be ready to see them slay at your wedding.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having different styles of bridesmaids dresses at the wedding. At least, you won’t be bored with seeing all of them in the same style unless of course the bride wants that. That is left to couple’s discretion.

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