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Bellyns Ushering Hub is headed by Isabella Harrison. They coordinate and usher corporate and social events and they have been in existence for a year. Bellyns joined the Weddings on Budget team since 2022 and it has been a remarkable experience working with them.

They recently supported an event with Weddings on Budget by handling coordination and ushering. For booking, she charges 200 cedis per head but she accepts 60% as deposit. Cancellation is possible when sufficient prior knowledge is given and also 40% of the amount deposited will be refunded if cancellation is done two weeks to the event date.

She has a contract with all her terms and conditions included additional fees like transport stipulated in it. Aside her ushering agency, she sells Pancake mix which she makes herself. Asking her how she manages to combine her side business with the ushering, she answered that she makes the pancake mix, stock them up in large quantities in order to enable her have time for her other businesses.

To book Bellyns Ushering Hub for your event coordination and ushering, kindly call on 0596273835 or send her a dm and follow her on:

Bellyns ushering hub(Facebook)

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