PRE- WEDDING JITTERS: An Emotional and Psychological Rollercoaster

June 13, 2023 Comment

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People who have never been married before often view weddings as a ‘happy ever after’ ending for you and the one you love until it’s time to plan your own. As happy as one can be to be getting married to the love of their life, planning weddings and the fear of entering a life long commitment comes with its own emotional and  psychological challenges. Usually, it is the fear of the unknown. The stress and anxiety weddings bring can end up dropping second thoughts in the minds of would be couple. Pre-wedding jitters are basically all the feelings you experience at the nearing point of your wedding. However, this does not mean that you’re not excited about getting married. It’s just normal for would be couples.

Little to no attention is usually paid to the emotional and psychological aspects of wedding preparations. Pre wedding jitters can lead to depression and one may end up acting unlike themselves. It is important for would be couples to understand such feelings and how to tackle them and relax. When you are preparing to get married, there are so many details to iron out that it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing to plan a wedding. There are some signs that can prompt you that you’re having pre-wedding jitters and it is essential that you take note of them.If you experience any of these signs, it may be an indication that you need to step back a little bit from preparations and relax.


  • Change in your sleep patterns

You might realize that your sleep patterns may have changed. It’s either you’re sleeping for less hours or more hours. You should get the proper amount of sleep days to your wedding because you need all the energy and relaxation you can get. You can set a routine list for the things you need to do in a day and try to work by the time you allocate to each task in order not to end up procrastinating or working late which would deprive you of a sound sleep. This also prevents you from staying up all night worrying about little details of the wedding.

  • Change in eating habits

One of the common signs of stress is a change in eating habits. You would realize that you have lost appetite or you’re eating too much. As much as you might want to be on a diet and stay in shape for your wedding, you might want to watch what you consume. Make an effort to have a balanced diet and the recommended number of calories. You can sneak one or two treats, but try not to overindulge or undereat.  Ask your doctor about supplements or use coffee or tea to stay awake if you are feeling tired; just be careful not to drink too much as this could interfere with your sleep pattern.

  • Moodiness

Another sign of pre wedding stress is that you  would  realize that you would have mood swings. You either get angry easily or your feelings are all over the place. One moment you’re happy, the next moment you’re sad. Given everything you are going through, this is to be anticipated. Being a family can take some getting used to, but marriage is about beginning a new life together.

  • Unable to Focus

You would lose focus because you have a lot of things to do and plan. You might even end up forgetting certain details. This is because planning a wedding can be very overwhelming especially if you decide to be involved in it planning. It might be hard to keep track of everything and since you want everything to be perfect, you get anxious if something is not working out. You lose focus on other things. It is important to ask for help from a wedding planner or family and friends to take care of other responsibilities concerning the wedding. If you divide up large tasks into smaller ones, you may also be able to achieve your goals. This will enable you to do more and perhaps inspire you to keep going.

  • Feeling Stressed

When you experience stress while organizing your wedding, this could also be another sign of pre-wedding depression. You can feel like giving up or that you are the only one putting any effort into preparations for the wedding if you experience this kind of pre-wedding anxiety. Having too much stress can be harmful to your health.

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