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On today’s episode of Women In Events, we have a thrilling conversation with one of our vendors who is the CEO of Akyereba Solutions. Follow the interview to know more about her.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Call me Akyereba Akwah Baidoo,, the only female among six siblings from a strict Christian home. I am a Methodist by birth and Catholic by marriage. I am 36 years old and I am married with two kids. I am a business woman and a farmer.

You mentioned you’re a businesswoman. What business do you deal in?

I sell everything bridal. On a good day, I plan and coordinate events as well.

How do you deal with difficult clients?

Initially I was blocking them. But later I just make things clear to u and I allow u to take ur own decisions and get back to meNo arguments and lengthy talks.

What keeps you going?

Faith, hope, life. I have faith in God. I’m hopeful that what went wrong yesterday can turn to be good today and better tomorrow so I don’t give up easily. In life I try to work everyday to be a better person tomorrow than I was today.

How would you describe your experience with Weddings on Budget?

I don’t really remember how I became a part of this family. It’s either I was invited or I saw the page and I joined. But all I can say is that I’m glad to be here. In fact, I’m not sure I will ever regret it. I can go on and on talking about  how it has helped mebut I will simply say it has blessed ne with a beautiful family. Thank you all.

What are your last words?

Just as we are quick to anger, let’s be quick in forgiving and letting go too. We should learn each day on any business we’re are into and see yourself excel. Unity is strength. Long live WOB!


Contact Akyereba Solutions on these social media handles:

Facebook: Akyereba Solutions

Instagram: akyerebasolutions

WhatsApp: 0241561095

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