Building A Solid Planner and Client Relationship

August 15, 2022 Comment

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It takes someone with the ability to overcome obstacles to be an event planner.

To arrange and carry out a great event, you must be prepared to face any challenge no matter how prepared or planned you are, if your client is not, or if it’s the other way around, your event can easily start to fall apart rapidly.

We’ve all had clients who send us many revisions every day, and you’re still trying to catch up on everything they’ve sent you in the last couple of days. Or perhaps you are managing several events at once, and the constant stream of email changes from one client is blending with your other client.

You can also be a customer who has encountered problems working with an event planner owing to a breakdown in communication.  Nothing except utter frustration can result from this.

Below are a few simple steps that both clients and planners can utilize to help stay organized and on task to produce a flawless event.


In your first  meeting, determine your client’s preferred method of contact. Whether it be a conference call every two weeks or a weekly one-on-one meeting. It is crucial to keep them informed of any adjustments or difficulties you are experiencing, and to examine the budget. Concise communication is more efficient and helps keep the client and the planner on schedule.

It will assist to reduce any misunderstanding and frustration if you “package” things or make a list of adjustments once a week or every three days.

If you have any reservations about a client’s suggestions, be sure to express them. Be prepared to explain why you don’t think it will work and provide alternatives if you don’t think it  will.

Talk to your client as frequently as you can about the event’s status. We frequently establish an event countdown that specifies precisely which tasks must be completed and when. The client can easily see what is being accomplished and what still has to be done thanks to this.

Gain your clients’ trust by being transparent and honest with them at all times and demonstrating your ability to put on a good event despite adverse circumstances. Gaining the trust of your clients will enable the to accept your professional guidance wholeheartedly and, hopefully, remain your clients in the future.



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