How To Make A Wedding Budget

May 2, 2022 Comment

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One of the most memorable and precious days of your life is your wedding! Where do you begin, though? With regards to the wedding budget! (With the funds, of course.)

Let’s go over how to make a wedding budget that satisfies both your desires and your bank account while keeping both on the road to happily ever after.


Determine The Type of Wedding You Want

Are we talking about an indoor or outdoor venue, a church? Start with your guest list if you’re having difficulties deciding. That number could assist you in deciding on a location. Of course, limiting your guest list is one of the quickest methods to save money. However, it’s possible that having a large group of people celebrate your special day is your top wedding goal. This leads to the next point.


Resolve Your Non-Negotiable Items

Determine what you want from your wedding day as a couple. What are the top three most essential wedding fantasies you have? What do food, flowers, and filmmaking have in common? Live music, a beautiful setting, and cake. You’ve got a lot of other things to figure out before you say “I do” to the rest of your lives together: Consider what’s not important after you’ve chosen your top three. As you begin to take the third, and most important, step, keep your most and least valuable dreams in mind.


List All The Things Your Wedding Will Need

List all your wedding budget categories and allocate an estimated amount of money to each of them. The categories include catering, venue, gown and accessories, makeup, décor, photography etc. These should help you know how much you’ll be spending in total and guide you in choosing the kind of planners you want. Choose a planner you can afford to pay for his or her services. Do not hire a ‘Kency’ type of planner if you can’t afford.


In the end, the best advice we can give, beyond making and keeping your wedding budget, is to remember the wedding is about you—and not about impressing or entertaining others. Communicate clearly and constantly together about what’s important and what’s not, and you’re on your way to the wedding of your dreams.

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