WoB Guide: Fashion Etiquettes For Wedding Guests

March 1, 2022 Comment

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Once you get invited to a wedding, you might seem more excited than the couple; thinking about what to wear and everything. You might be the “dress to kill” kind of person or a fashionista probably but there are certain fashion etiquettes you have to know depending on where you are going especially a wedding.

Here are some etiquettes you should have in mind;


  1. Never outshine the bride: It is a wedding and you would obviously be meeting other people and probably make friends. Although first impression matters, take it easy on your “dress to kill” sensation because you might end up showing up at the wedding and people would wonder if it’s your wedding or the bride’s. It might be your friend’s wedding and you want to look good but do not dress to outshine the bride. As intimidating as that can be because you wear what you have, that’s fashion etiquette for you.


  1. Avoid dressing in black from head to toe because it is regarded as inappropriate. It is a wedding not a funeral. Weddings are blissful and exciting events so you should be dressed in colorful attires. If the only dress available that you can wear to the event is black, then try accessorizing with other colors. You can wear other colors for your shoes, hair band, Jewellery etc.

  1. Get an idea of what colours the bridesmaid dresses will be. This way you can avoid that shade and end up looking like a back up bridesmaid. If you are having difficulty extracting the finer details look for colour clues in the wedding invitation or pre-wedding party invitations.
  1. Don’t wear anything too skimpy. Avoid see-through clothes and short dresses. Wedding invitees include older people and they are also usually day to evening events so avoid wearing anything too daring.
  2. Don’t dress too casually. The fact that you should not overdress does not mean you should also dress too casually. Remember that this is the bride and groom’s special day and if it were your wedding, you’d expect guests to make an effort. Use weddings as an opportunity to dress up and show off a new outfit.
  3. Bring a pair of flats. You cannot be wearing heels all day. It is very typical of Ghanaian ladies to send along a pair of flats to any events so that they can change when their feet are hurting.


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