WoB Guide: 10 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

March 1, 2022 Comment

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Your wedding is probably one of the cherished and anticipated day of your life and there are certain things you want to go smoothly and perfectly. One of such things include your makeup. Bridal makeup should not be heavy and the right makeup products should be used in order for the bride to avoid sweating profusely or looking like a caricature.

Here are some bridal makeup tips for every bride;

  1. Take Your Wedding Season and Weather into Consideration


  1. Choose a lipstick or balm you feel comfortable in


  1. Drink lots of water before the big day and this is a beauty secret tip! Water keeps your skin fresh and hydrated.


  1. Have a makeup trial first to see which skin products you love. Do a trial with your makeup artist.


  1. Use waterproof products.


  1. Keep a few products on-hand on the big day.


  1. Make sure your foundation is a perfect match. It should be as close to your skin tone. You wouldn’t want to be looking weird and the last thing you would want is for your face and neck not to match.


  1. Apply moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.


  1. Use a teeth whitening product. You’ll obviously be smiling the whole day and be receiving greetings from your guests. You can’t afford a bad teeth day!


  1. Find balance in your look.

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