How To Plan And Host The Perfect Bridal Shower

February 24, 2022 Comment

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Bridal showers are literally “the ladies night” where friends of the bride spent the last night with her as a single lady. It is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a bride to be. Thinking about it, it really sounds fun right? The bride could decide to throw it herself or her friends could surprise her with it. Either way, it has to be a perfect night full of fun. Just in case you want to plan and host a bridal shower, here are some guidelines


The first step of bridal shower planning is deciding the budget. The host pays for the shower, and while you may want  to go all out and spoil the bride, we suggest choosing an amount of money that you can easily afford without incurring loss. She would definitely be happy once it’s a thoughtful act.

Set a date for the shower. We recommend starting to plan the bridal shower at least six months before the big day so that you have ample time to bring in every detail. Decide the date for the shower and make sure the bride would be available especially if it’s a surprise shower.


Create a guest list. You might want to invite all the “girls girls” or maybe it could just be the bridesmaids and the bride to be. Whichever way, the attendees could bring along a bottle of champagne, pizza or small chops. Pick a location for the shower. If you have enough space to host the bridal shower at your house, that is the most option. If not, consider the home of a relative who is close to the bride. You can also host a bridal shower at a restaurant, a private banquet room, or any venue that the bride would fancy  such as an art gallery  or a pub. Most importantly, make sure the location is easy to get to, has ample parking, and has enough space to accommodate all your invitees.

Purchase the décor for the shower and send out your invitations. You might have a theme for the shower and might want to go for colors that relate with it. Shop for the grade to be sash, caps, tiaras and others. You might want to cook with your friends for the shower or hand over to a caterer. If it would be held at a bar, the staff can take care of the drinks and maybe small chops. The invitees could also bring in a potluck dish; that is a food token from their homes. It could be a cake, fried chicken, sausage etc.


You could also plan out games for the shower with the bridesmaids. Games are a good way to make your guests feel comfortable especially if most of the em have not met before. Plan the games to be played at the time when everyone has eaten and before the bride opens up her gifts. You could play guessing games and other trivia. You could also plan the music list for the night. Since it’s a shower and most of the attendees would be ladies, you could chip in songs you know ladies love.

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