WoB Venue Guide: Selecting An Outdoor Wedding Venue In Ghana

January 20, 2022 Comment

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Apparently, outdoor weddings are gradually becoming more popular as we see couples tie the knot each and every time. It has actually become a trend setter because these days, couples prefer outdoor weddings than church weddings. Some actually attribute it to the guest size. An indoor wedding might not be able to house the number of guests and attendees the couple want since it might have a limited capacity. Others also just want to try something new like the garden wedding than the usual church wedding.

Although you might want to try something new, you don’t just choose any venue. There are certain factors you have to consider having your guests and you as a couple in mind. You wouldn’t want to choose an uncomfortable venue with a dull ambiance and a non-festive atmosphere. Choose carefully and wisely.


When choosing an outdoor wedding venue, it is important to choose the proper location. It should not be far away from the church because some of your guests may be church members and might be coming because you are a church member and they would not want to travel a long distance. You should also consider the capacity of the venue whether or not it is a spacious venue for your guests. The place should also be very pleasing to the eyes.


If you plan your wedding in the rainy season, make sure you get a venue which can provide some kind of shelter for the guest so it can keep them from being affected by the rain. The climate of the venue should be favorable so that no one is freezing or feeling too hot at the ceremony.



Pick a venue which your guests can easily find. You wouldn’t want your guests to be travelling around in circles just to find the venue. They would even lose interest before they arrive and all their makeup and dressing would be for nothing. Choose one that is easy to locate especially ones which are not far from main roads.


You should know the number of guests you are expecting and if the venue you have chosen can accommodate them all. You should also consider the reception. Consider the factors relating to the size of the guests list before choosing a venue.



Find out how much the venue would cost to host your ceremony. Also live within your budget and make negotiations with the owner. If the price is high and does not meet your expectations, find another venue. Even if you like the venue so much, if it would drain your budget, find a different venue which corresponds to your budget.



Before you start hunting for venues for the wedding, check out the popular ones in your locality. Get reviews from couples who have had outdoor weddings. Ask friend, search online and seek assistance from wedding planners too. It would help you get a wide range of venues to choose from considering which of them suits your tastes and budget.

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