Funny Wedding Experiences Epl 4

October 13, 2021 Comment

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Woju is what you’ll describe as a delinquent child. Although she and her twin sister were adopted by a rich couple, she is very stubborn whiles her sister is the total opposite. Her sister was getting married the next Saturday and since she kept crazy people as friends, her mother warned her not to invite any of them along. Her parents decided to share pieces of cloth to the guests and Woju knew that there was no way her friends can come if they don’t have the cloth so she smuggled the cloth out of the driver’s car and gave them to her friends.

On the wedding day, her friends attended without suspicion that they were not invited. Besides, how would you even know if they were not invited because they were wearing the cloth which were being shared. Funny enough, they brought along their food. In the course of the reception, it turned out the food which was being served ran short and something had to be done because the only food the special guests wanted was fried rice. The wedding planner saw Woju’s friends at a table at the far end and she went closer to them. She saw a big food warmer and when it was opened, she saw the fried rice they brought along. She begged them to give her just six plates for the guests who had not eaten. They declined but she continued to beg them. They asked her to pay her money in exchange for the food. One of them, Busty, a funny fellow, said “madam, you want food abi? Okay. Money for ground, rice for plate”. The wedding planner agreed to pay them and she told the servers to hurry along with the six plates.

She served the guests and Woju’s mother was pleased. The guests really enjoyed the food. Little did they know that the rice was mixed with ‘weed’. The guests started acting funny especially during the entertainment session. They were dancing in a funny way and it was so embarrassing. No one knew what was going on except for Woju’s friends. They laughed at the guests. Woju’s mother got angry at the wedding planner and when she asked where she got the food from, she pointed at Woju’s friends. The guests had to be carried into a vehicle to be sent home. Only God knows the kind of disaster they would have caused if they stayed longer.

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