Foods You Should Certainly Try Serving Your Guests

October 13, 2021 Comment

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Obviously, your guests list is filled with people with different tastes and preferences especially when it comes to food. Some are very selective and others are why we call ‘all weather’; they eat any kind of food once it’s good. That is why you have to put these two types of people into consideration when selecting the menu for your wedding reception. Some have allergies and some do not like to smell or see certain ingredients in their food. This is why you must provide a variety of foods at your reception if your budget allows it or just go general with something most people seem to like. Here are some suggested foods for your reception;


1. Jollof


3.Fried rice

4.Banku with pepper and fish

5.Banku with okro

6.Rice with stew

7.Yam or plantain with kontomire

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