Funny Wedding Experiences Epl 3

September 13, 2021 Comment

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Karen attended a wedding with her best friend Bertha and they were looking forward to the reception because that day, the decided not to take breakfast in order to make room for all the food they would eat at the wedding. After the marriage ceremony at the church, the guests were asked to go upstairs to the terrace for the reception.

These two friends hurried quickly to the terrace and they sat around a table with two guys facing them. Karen and Bertha realized that the two guys kept staring at them and they both fidgeted and whispered to each other. Each table had a bottle of champagne and one of the tables had already opened theirs and shared it amongst themselves. Others has theirs still unopened. Soon, food was shared and these two girls started eating. Whiles eating, they realized, the guys were not touching their food. It looked as if they were shy. A bottle of Coke was also shared around. The guys did not also drink it. The two guys stood up and left. Karen laughed out loud because she was surprised that shyness could make someone reject food. Karen and her friend took their food and added it to the one they were eating. They couldn’t let good food go to waste. After pouring the food, the covered it just the way the guys left it.

Getting closer to the end of the reception, the MC asked each table to pop their champagne and make a toast. Immediately, most guests looked in the direction of the table who had already shared their champagne at the beginning of the event and laughter burst out. Karen and Bertha couldn’t help but laugh so much that the guests realized they were actually laughing at them.

When the event came to an end, Karen and Bertha decided to wait and take pictures. During the “photo shoot”, Karen was turning her head when she saw the two guys coming back to the table probably because they left something behind. Funny enough, they opened the cover off the food and the empty plates stared at them. Karen and Bertha started laughing. Karen said “Ah so they would eat the food and they were behaving like that?”. The guys stood there disappointed and didn’t know who to ask about the food because it doesn’t even make sense?.

Eat your food in peace when you go to an event o. Don’t let shyness stop you from enjoying good food else people like Karen and Bertha would eat it for you.

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