SKILLS n TALENTS: Interview With Ritz Beverages

August 30, 2021 Comment

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As part of our initiatives to provide clients and members with information regarding our work and specific services provided by our vendors, we conduct interviews and collect in-depth information from them. Our recent interview is with a local drink and cocktail vendor.




Interviewer:  Can you enlighten me more on what your brand is about?

Ritz: My brand is Ritz’s Beverages and Catering Services. We provide food and Beverages for all occasions. We specialise in Local Bar, Cocktails and  Mocktails, Both local and continental dishes.

Interviewer: How much do you charge?Any fixed prices?

Ritz: No we charge according to what the client wants. Except when we have specific packages or Promotions we are running.


Interviewer: Do you accept part payment or installment? How do you facilitate that?

Ritz: Yes we take commitment fee of 50% that’s to show we are going to do business. And 50% at least a week be4 the date for the program.


Interviewer: Has there been any challenges while working with clients? What were they?

Ritz: Yes there has been a few but most of them are financial issues. In terms of payment. Most of them fail to pay you in full and others want you to offer your services before they pay.


Interviewer: Do you think online wedding services and catering services has really helped?

Since someone doesn’t necessarily have to walk to your shop before they can make an order?

Ritz: Yes it has. It has made searching easy. And given clients more options.


Interviewer: So how do clients contact you? Can you share your number and social media platforms?

Ritz: Yes on Most Advertising platforms on Facebook and on IG. Both my personal and Business lines.


Interviewer : Alright. Thank you.


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