Funny Wedding Experiences Ep 2

August 20, 2021 Comment

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I went for a wedding with my brother and I couldn’t wait for the reception to begin. It commenced a few hours later after the exchange of the vows and the venue for the reception was at another location so we had to go there.

At the venue, the DJ started entertaining us with a playlist of quite good songs as we waited for the bride and groom to make an entry. Few minutes later, we noticed the groomsmen pacing up and down, coming in and out of the reception hall. The bride came in alone without the groom and it seemed most of us were looking around to see where the groom would come from. We waited for ten minutes but he wasn’t showing up. My brother and I decided to go out to make a call and, on our way back, we heard some voices coming from the men’s washroom.


We decided to check what was happening and that was when we got to know that the groom decided to use the washroom before making an entry with his bride but since he wasn’t familiar with the hotel’s bathroom locks, he got locked and trapped inside for a whole 30 minutes. Funny enough, the photographer was inside using the washroom when the groom also entered which meant that there was no one at the reception taking pictures.


The groomsmen tried opening the door but to no avail. They called the hotel workers for help and they brought a bunch of keys. When the groomsmen saw the keys, they started fidgeting because it was going to take very long to find the right one. After many attempts, they finally opened the bathroom door and the two men came out panting. The groom immediately hugged his best man and they started laughing at him.

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