Funny Wedding Experiences Ep1

August 11, 2021 Comment

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I really love attending weddings and maybe it’s just for the fun of it but I love to socialize and I like to meet new people. A cousin asked me to accompany her to a wedding and I gladly accepted. I really wouldn’t have gone with her because I had no relationship with either the bride or groom and I didn’t know of the attendees; just a few friends living in my vicinity who also know the bride but I still agreed to go because I love weddings and my cousin also did not want to feel lonely.

Fast forward, we arrived at the church for the wedding and we were quite on time. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride and groom shared their vows and as usual, I sat there cross checking everything from the bride’s makeup to the venue’s decoration. Everything was lit! After the church ceremony, we were asked to go to the reception hall and we hurriedly went- of course, we don’t go to weddings just for the fun of it, we go for the food too! After a few performances, it was time to cut the cake and it was brought to the venue. Behold! stood a five-tier wedding cake beautifully designed. It was awesome. After the cutting of the cake, it was taken back.


I started feeling funny and I felt the need to use the washroom. On my way back to my seat, I saw a curtain which parted a portion of the hall from where the program was going on. Then curiosity jumped in! Ladies and Gentlemen, forgive me but I lifted the curtain and I saw something I never recovered from. I know what you’re thinking; “Who sent you?”. I saw the five-tier cake with the bottom first layer being a real cake but from the bottom second layer, it was all wood beautifully decorated as a cake. This was so funny and I was shocked at the same time. I quickly let down the curtain and I rushed back to my seat. Till the time the reception came to an end, I was quiet and when I saw the bride and groom, I started fidgeting and smiling unnecessarily. I was like “you liars” but on a funnier way. Oh, I admired their courage.


When we got back home, I told my cousin about it and she told me she was not surprised at all because that has become the order of the day. We both laughed at the incident and we vowed to always go to the bathroom and check behind the scenes always to see if there are fake wedding cakes at receptions.


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