SKILLS n TALENTS: Interview With Diamonds & Pearls Events

July 24, 2021 Comment

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As part of our initiatives to provide clients and members with information regarding our work and specific services provided by our vendors, we conduct interviews and collect in-depth information from them. Our recent interview is with a Decor and Wedding Planner.


Interviewer: What is your brand about and what are your services please?

Diamonds & Pearls: Diamonds & Pearls events is an event planning center where we plan detailed events for prospective clients who are expecting a spectacular event on an important day in their life. Which could be wedding, birthdays, christening, graduation etc. Business openings are corporate business parties or millstone celebrations are not left out. Fortunately we don’t only plan but also style events as well so you are sure of a good deal.


Interviewer: How fast in minutes or days can you make a decor/ Can you plan a wedding in a month if not how many weeks do you need?

Diamonds & Pearls: Events like weddings need to be planned well. Every good event need a well structured plan. So I normally prefer two to three months but if there is an emergency 1 month notice would be better hence we need to gather other expertise for such an important day. Same applies to other events as well


Interviewer: How much do you charge? Any fixed prices?

Diamonds & Pearls: I do not have a fixed price hence every event is different hence differ depending on how much involved we are in the event. If we are planning the full event or just some part of the event


Interviewer: Do you accept part payment or installment? How do you facilitate that?

Yes I do accept part payment and the remaining payment be made a month to the event. If payment in installment then it must be completed 1 month or 3 weeks to the event.


Interviewer: Have you had any challenges while working with clients? What were they?

Diamonds & Pearls: Yes a-lot of times. Its part of the job. Last min changes . Asking for favours that is not included in the planned budget but want it to be done. A whole lot . But in all God is faithful


Interviewer: Do you think online wedding platforms especially Weddings On Budget has really helped?

Diamonds & Pearls:The internet is the new easy marketing strategy to support sme’s now. Talking of weddings on budget is also the place that has helped my brand to standout and Express my brand and reach thousands of people through it so loads of appreciation from my team and I ❤️


Interviewer: Have you embraced technology and how are you using it in your niche?

Diamonds & Pearls: Yes I have and hoping to use it positively not just for business but also to impact my generation in a positive way


Interviewer: Thank you very much.

Diamonds and Pearls: My pleasure.



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