SKILLS n TALENTS: Interview With Chopping Board

July 20, 2021 Comment

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As part of our initiatives to provide clients and members with information regarding our work and specific services provided by our vendors, we conduct interviews and collect in-depth information from them. Our recent interview is with a Cake vendor.



Interviewer: What is your brand about and what are your services please?

Chopping Board: We are ChoppingBoard. We offer : Cakes/Pastries/Desserts/Food Packed/Spread (buffet)


Interviewer: How fast in an hour or days can you make a client’s cake?

Chopping Board:

Birthday cake, Cream cake- 1hr 30mins
Fondant- 6hrs



Wedding cake
2 tier with sugar flowers – 5 days
3 tier with sugar flowers 6 days /
Complicated designs and quantity of flowers will depend on the number of days we will use to complete the work (cake).



Interviewer: How much do you charge? Any fixed prices?

Chopping Board: We don’t have fixed rates on some of our services thus making us unique and flexible to work with.


Interviewer: Do you accept part payment or installment? How do you facilitate that?

Chopping Board: Yes please. We do a 60% initial deposit to book and pay the rest a week to delivery or on delivery.


Interviewer: Have you had any challenges while working with clients? What were they?

Chopping Board: Yes, with payment. Some people want to pay too way less. They expect us to take the delivery cost

* Trust


They pick their cakes from us and it’s intact . When they ruin it through the cause of transportation by themselves they tend to blame us. We educate them on handling it when they pick up too.


Interviewer: Do you think online wedding services especially Weddings On Budget and catering services has really helped?

Chopping Board: It has helped a lot since clients do not have to walk to our shop to place an order or book our services. I’d give it an 80% vote.


Interviewer: Have you embraced technology and how are you using it in your niche?

Chopping Board: Yes I have. Most of my clients came from social media . Great tool for marketing


Interviewer: Thank you very much.

Chopping Board: My pleasure.



Find Chopping Board on social media:



Call 0553511717 / WhatsApp 

Location: Opposite La General Hospital, Goil Filling Station. Accra


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  1. Masab

    3 years ago

    Well done Chopping Board, I won't mind recommending you to my clients and others because my experience with you was awesome

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