SKILLS n TALENTS: Interview With Milandsther Collections

June 25, 2021 Comment

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As part of our initiatives to provide clients and members with information regarding our work and specific services provided by our vendors, we conduct interviews and collect in-depth information from them. Our recent interview is with a vendor who can sew a gown in three days, her payment plan and everything about her services.



Interviewer: Can you make a gown in three days?

Milandsther: I can. Below is a sample gown I made in 3 days.

Interviewer: If magically you can sew a gown in a day, can you share an image of such a gown?

Milandsther: Below are very simple gowns made from silk or lace fabrics and it doesn’t need much of a time once you are focused to meet a full working day deadline.

Interviewer: Tells us more about sewn gowns and why you love sewing them

Milandsther: I prefer sewn gowns because it has a sort of personal touch, working with brides to design their dream gowns is a feeling I think every bride should have. It comes with a certain level of fulfillment. Living in an age now where we have very good designers such that you get to have your dream gown made, I don’t see why one should settle for anything less.


Interviewer: What’s your payment plan and what’s your take on sewn gowns and already made gowns?

Milandsther: 50% before we start , 75% first fitting and 100% final fitting


Interviewer: What’s your take on the growth of custom made gowns in the near future?

Milandsther: Since white weddings are more of a religious thing than traditional ones, I don’t think it is going to disappear from the system anytime soon.


Interviewer: Alright. Tell us more.

Milandsther: I think we’re on the right path because people get to deal with brands like my own for their wardrobe through online ads. You might not know the person and they might also not know you but at the end of the day, you’ll be able to strike a deal. Your clients might not necessarily come to your shop to book appointments or take measurements since we can deal with that through pictures.


Interviewer: How well are people embracing fashion?

Milandsther:  I think they are really embracing fashion but we are a long way to seeing white weddings disappear because it has literally come to stay. But then again, couples have started to appreciate African Print designs too. Brides might be open to infusing Kente into wedding gowns and designs. Couples choose white weddings because of what it means to them.


Interviewer: Thank you very much.

Milandsther: My pleasure.



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