4 Simple Ways To Deal With Stubborn In-Laws

March 26, 2021 Comment

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In-laws are an important part of your spouse’s journey and they would become a part of your family when you marry your partner so you should learn how to deal with them. Some can be stubborn and a thorn in the flesh but you should accept the fact that they would always be around and they mean a lot to your spouse so you should treat them accordingly. Here are 4 simple ways to deal with stubborn in-laws.


  • Set and Enforce Boundaries

You and your spouse should set boundaries to make sure in-laws from both sides do not interfere in everything that happens at home. You can set a time limit in-laws can come and visit and stay over. You should agree on certain decisions with your spouse on how to deal with your in-laws respectfully.


  • Be Cool and Keep Your Sense of Humor

No matter what happens, keep your cool and don’t make a fuss about everything. Some in-laws may try intimidating you but keep your sense of humor and let it slide. Don’t let it get the better of you.


  • Communicate to resolve conflicts

Communication is key in all relationships and interactions. Discuss with your spouse if your in-laws did something you didn’t like. Discuss it further with them to resolve conflicts. Harboring hatred and resentment would do no good but give way to arguments and disharmony


  • Treat Them With Respect

Your in-laws are far older in age and in wisdom and you should accord them with the same respect you would give to your parents. Even when they annoy you, still show them love and respect. Retaliation isn’t always the best option

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