How My Sister-In-Law Became My Sex Partner at the Blind Side of My Wife

March 19, 2021 Comment

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For several years, I had lived with my wife peacefully and happily never expecting that one day, my sister-in-law would become my s3x partner.

I was born and raised in a broken home where after six years of getting to enjoy family life, it was short-lived because my father who was a deacon in a church broke off with my mother for being raped. The issue of the rape wasn’t such a big deal as compared to the aftermath.

My Christian beliefs taught us that abortion was wrong, hence based on that aborting a baby was obviously out of the question. However, in this situation, my mother wanted to abort the unwanted child that occurred out of rape. There was a dilemma that led to the divorce. My father was a ridicule already because of his core stance for morality and now having his wife being impregnated by another man who was not worthy of emulation.

This brought a strain in the marriage as he would not take care of a baby brought via rape, nor will he allow my mother to abort because of his staunch Christian stance on abortion and morality. Finally, my mother had to leave and rather die out of sorrow five years later.

At age 11, I met Jacqueline (Not real name) in my Junior High School and she was just like my mother. She was very tender, caring, funny and loving. Most of all, she could keep secrets, one of the qualities that endeared her to my heart.

After JHS, we all moved to a single-sex school, where we would constantly write letters to each other. She was a joy to beseech. Each time I received her letter, my heart would jump in my body like a new baby kicking in her mother’s womb.

It was at this moment that I concluded that indeed, what I felt for her was just beyond infatuation. I truly loved her. After our WASSCE, we were fortunate to be teaching in the same school. She read Science and I read General Arts, so while she taught Science and Mathematics, I also taught English and Akuapem because I was pretty good at the language.

Walking home together was a ritual. We would hardly miss that great opportunity and even though she was like my best friend, we never did anything morally with each other’s reproductive parts. We were chaste and often would talk and tease each other when I am unable to get a girl I fell in love with or when she “bounces” or rejects a proposal from any random guy.

Because our parents knew each other, I often visited her home. Her immediate sibling, whom she was just 5 years older would treat me like her elder brother because her parents gave birth to just two of them and attempts at getting a third child who would be male succeeded, but he died at age 3 after he was knocked down by an oncoming vehicle.

Indeed, I was a virtual part of the family where on several occasions,  I would be invited by their father for various nuclear family activities including their evening Bible worship. The respect and trust given me by the family was enormous to the extent that even if I slept in the room of the sisters, not even a mouse or a bird will chirp.

Gradually, before she would gain admission to the University, I gathered the courage to propose to her when we were all alone at her home. Upon putting my request before her, she slowly kissed me and that was the exact day we both broke our virginity.

To cut a long story short, after University we finally got married. We had plans of giving birth to only two children. This dream was near completion until one day after work, something that would change the taste of our marriage occurred. She attended an old School Department program and as she tried to be adventurous for the day, she got drunk and got raped by one of her former mates, whom she got closer to during one of our disagreement periods at the University.

This hurt her so much that she kept it a secret from me. She never told me about it until her sister, Abi, as we would passionately call her arrived at our home.  She was billed to go back to school in the next three weeks, but upon request from her sister, she came to lodge with us.

The past three months after the incident was quite a difficult one for us in the marriage. She felt so guilty that she started to pick arguments with me just to get me angry and hit her and perhaps she could call it quits because she couldn’t bear it any longer.

Initially, I was happy her sister was with us. At least, she comforted me. She treated me better than her own sister, my wife did. After cooking, she would serve us and immediately we are done eating, she comes to clear the table. Indeed, it was a difficult moment for us.

Even though I thought I had it all covered, my legs were out of my room. She had related the issue to my sister-in-law who felt pity for me as a result of the situation. Automatically, her character towards me changed. She had denied me sex for 3 months. I just couldn’t understand. Each time, I tried to touch her at where it would turn her on, she would start a fight with me.

Two weeks left for my sister-in-law to go back to school, felt like I would miss eternity because she would gradually become my s3x partner unknowingly. I didn’t want her to go to school, because even if her sister would give me the cold treatment, she was warm and loving towards me. However, her outfit was quite skimpy and revealing slowly attracting me.

Jacqueline told me she would be travelling as part of her work for four months and that she would be leaving the next day. Indeed, when she left, things were difficult. Her sister, for the first four days, did her best to be a replacement apart from warming my bed.

However, it seems we couldn’t take it any longer. We finally gave in and began to kiss each other which finally led to our first sex in the couch in the hall. I told myself it will never happen, even though we had promised not to do it again, it became worse.

The truth of the issue is that Abi is good at making sex the best meal one can enjoy. We couldn’t stop and so for the next few days, we were having different styles and positions. However, communication between my wife and myself began improving within those few moments away.

It was now time for Abi to go back to school. I wished she would never go back to school and be with me till eternity. We enjoyed each other’s company and body better than we did with our original partners because she was dating a law student.

At the end of her first semester, which also coincided with my wife’s return was quite traumatic. This was because my wife had gone back to her old self, but couldn’t satisfy me better than her sister. Her frequent weekend visits had stopped and now I had to be making the trips frequently to avoid any suspicion.

Not only did we feel emotional satisfaction, we felt we were meant for each other. However, my wife finally gathered courage and told me about what happened when she invited her parents over for dinner one day. I was heartbroken, not because of the rape, but because she hid it from me and gave me that emotional turmoil and sexual starvation.

As we speak, each week, I have sex with my Abi, my sister-in-law four times a week when she doesn’t have a busy schedule. We are planning on going for a sexual retreat when she comes on vacation, which also coincides with my annual accumulated leave.

What do I do? Do I tell my wife about our sexual escapades? Or Do I just keep denigrating my wife by enjoying the best natural food every man would yearn for?

Kindly help me out.

Nana Yaw.



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