Wedding Guests and Social Media Etiquette

March 16, 2021 Comment

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It is quite appalling to see criticizing comments by guests, clients and even other vendors on some posts by their colleagues. It is often very insensitive and inconsiderate. One should know that people put in a lot of effort and time to and even courage, to post their services and products.

No one is perfect that is why they post their products and services for viewers to appreciate and prompt them of any setbacks. This does not also mean that viewers and clients should just vomit insensitive and vulgar words under their posts. This is why most groups on social media are facilitated by moderators and policies whereby such people would either be removed from the group or blocked from seeing other posts.

Guests and clients are not the only ones to be blamed but moderators and vendors too. Before you admit members into your group, you should brief them on the policies, do’s and don’ts. This would help them take caution of their words and actions. Moderators should be able to take action if anyone violates the etiquettes and vendors should also set examples for members to follow. If a vendor makes fun of the work of another vendor, how do you expect members to give credit to that person. There would be no respect for anyone’s products and services.

If you see a post about a product or service you do not like, it’s either you let them know where they went wrong politely or just do not comment at all. If you feel correcting them in public might be impolite, just go ahead and call them or text them privately. They would appreciate your concern. This is much better than passing bad comments under what people post.

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    Well said

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