4 Things That Causes Debt During Weddings and How To Avoid Them

March 6, 2021 Comment

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You obviously want your wedding day to be perfect devoid of any trouble and future debts. There are many things we do that definitely causes us to run into debts after a wedding. Here are 4 of them and how you can avoid them.


  1. You didn’t set a realistic budget

You and our partner should set a budget you can totally afford. It’s your day and you should be in charge of it. You don’t have to impress anyone. Allocate money to what you can afford. If you don’t set a realistic budget, you would run into debt because you didn’t settle for what you can afford.


  1. You didn’t hire a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner would mean paying them but are you ready to risk your wedding day for a DIY wedding? Wedding planners are professionals and so they can help you plan it according to your budget. If you plan it yourself, you might incur losses and accumulate debts. Consult and hire a professional who can plan everything according to what you can afford.


  1. You invited too many guests

You should invite guests that can be catered for by your budget. Some couples end up inviting too many guests they cannot cater for. If you can’t cater for many guests, do it strictly by invitation. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Stay by your budget and avoid unnecessary costs.


4.Booking a venue that doesn’t come with anything

Most venues are plain and empty and the couple would have to bring everything from décor to furniture. You should consider all these before choosing a venue. Some venues have furniture, flowers and others which you wouldn’t have to spend money buying or hiring.

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