Avoiding Online Scam on Your Wedding Day

March 2, 2021 Comment

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Heidi Melton talks at length about how to avoid online scam on your wedding day. She gives reasons why it is sometimes necessary to spend a bit more on the right vendors than to save more and get a shoddy work done.

She recommends seeking recommendations from friends and family members who have had some vendors work for them in the past because they can testify to their works instead of usually resorting to the internet to look for vendors because most of them may just be scammers.


You should do a research on the kind of vendors you want to hire. You should check on their references and works and go ahead to speak with people they have worked for. Start asking them questions about their emails, reviews, references and websites. This would divert the chance of getting scammed. Never pay a 100% upfront to a vendor until you’re fully convinced.

Some vendors can give convincing answers to your questions and yet you can get scammed so you should make an effort to see each other in person and get to know them. Take time to give them a call and speak to them at length about your upcoming event.


Get to know them better over a cup of coffee and do not be in a rush. Rushing the preparations would only give bad results but slowing things down would give a good result and save more money. Many vendors set up fake social media accounts so you have to be on the look out. So, the three major steps you should take are asking for references, having conversations with them and seeking recommendations.

You can even ask for a recommended vendor list from other vendors because they may have amazing reviews working with them.

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