Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Usher Duties

February 26, 2021 Comment

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As part of our objectives to put our vendors and services on the map, we make sure to communicate with our vendors to establish a friendly and comfortable relationship. This segment featured Kuuks Royal Events in which the owner briefed us on the need to request for their services. This is how the interview went;


Question: So tell me more about your brand. What inspired ‘Kuuks Royal Events ‘?

Answer: Kuuks Royal Events is Ghana’s Premium Event Ushering Agency for Corporate and social Events. Kuuks Royal Events was established to be the go to place for organisations and individuals to be provided with event staff who are educated, elegant and skilled in managing all manner of events like trade shows, fairs , product launch, exhibition, weddings, VIP private parties, conferences, workshops, summit.


Question: Why should a prospective customer request for your services?

Answer: Kuuks Royal Events was set up to offer  solutions to problems that arise when planning events and during events. We take the stress off the clients by handling the planning and ushering of their events. a structure for her business that directly addresses a challenge in the world of events. We are Versatile in the event  ushering services.

Human relationship is one that is complex and difficult to handle. All humans are different in their own ways; one must develop the skills to maturely handle individual persons with respected to their different personality.

When it comes to Clients relationship, we handle every client as a different personality and in their own special way. We take time to listen to them; we try to understand how important the event is to them and how they want things to look like on their big day. We take down notes, add some pretty details they didn’t think about and delivers to them results beyond their expectations.

Question: Tell me more about Kuuks Royal Events

Answer: Our  Hostesses are patient with guests. Not everyone can take some of the insults that come from an angry guest, so we try as much as possible to calm our guest with a smiling face and soothing words. “You don’t raise your voice at a guest even if he or she is wrong”.

“My Ushers are my best hands at any event, so I treat them well; I check if all are in good health before the event and try to make sure they have eaten.”

I do not expect less from a good hostess. If she is a good hostess, she sure would pass the genes to the ushers she coordinates.

Kuuks Royal Events gets calls from many young ladies saying they want to join our ushering team. As much as we have the standards we require for ushering, we do welcome everyone with a smile.  We are sweet in employing people and also strict in doing away with you when you don’t comply.

The virtues we look forward to in our ushers are hospitality, patience, endurance, hard work, trustworthiness and loyalty.

This is what I have to say to people who desire to venture into the business of Events planning and Ushering services: “Believe in yourself and your dreams. Believe that God has the ability to make all things work for your good. Be consistent in what you do and you will definitely get to the top.”


Question: How and where can clients reach you ?

Answer: Through our official email kuuksroyalevents@gmail.com , WhatsApp or call us on 0243869406.


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