How You’re Likely To Feel Before, During and After Your Wedding

February 10, 2021 Comment

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Weddings are much anticipated events in everyone’s life where families and friends would be looking up to. The stress and anxiety alone can drain your energy leaving you exhausted but the excitement that you’re about to tie the knot with someone you love is a one in a million chance that you do not want to mess up.



Usually the preparations take place during this time and you barely have enough time for yourself. It is much easier when you have friends and relatives who would offer to help with preparations but it’s your wedding so you’re bound to be overly anxious and take note of every little detail. You get so tensed and stressed especially when you’re calling your vendors and some are not responding or some are delaying with the preparations. You need to calm down and relax.



This is the golden moment where you are the spotlight! You’ll obviously feel nervous and tensed but deep down you must be glad you’re getting married. Some moments can be very stressful especially when certain things are delaying Ike your makeup artist. This can really freak you out! Or when the décor team haven’t arrived yet to get the venue ready. This can be very frustrating but you need to keep your composure and relax. You don’t want to turn up at your wedding looking all tensed and tired.



This is probably the moment where you feel so much relieved because at long last everything has gone on smoothly. You would have danced away your stress and tension at the reception. Have some fun and forget the world for a moment!

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