The Impact Of Coronavirus On Wedding Planners and Vendors

February 9, 2021 Comment

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Planners and vendors can literally be called the backbones of every wedding because they take care of every little detail from décor to the reception. The deadly pandemic has affected many areas of the human life at a large extent and wedding planning is no different. Many vendors and planners who have been planning vigorously to organize the best occasions for their clients are now confused and very alarmed.


Recently, the president of Ghana, in his address to the nation, has banned all weddings and other gatherings. This did not go down well with most vendors and planners because most of them have received money from clients to organize their events in the coming months and now they have no alternative than to return their monies to them. For those who have already started the preparations for the weddings, this would pose as a challenge since they have already used part of the money. Both planners and yet to be couples would now be in a dilemma as to whether the wedding comes off or gets postponed.


Speaking to some planners and vendors of Weddings on Budget, they have expressed their total dissatisfaction towards the president’s order. They say that this would definitely crash their businesses and create a rift between their clients and them because some of them have already used a part of the money being paid to start preparations. They would have to refund their monies back to them or if fortunate, they would have to postpone the weddings till the ban is lifted. Some vendors also depend on this business to earn a living and due to this pandemic, they would have to be strained financially because they would have to solely depend on their savings.


It is without any doubt that this pandemic has caused a lot harm and has ruined businesses outshining even the liveliest and most special occasions humans enjoy!

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