Honeymoons: Are they still relevant?

February 9, 2021 Comment

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Honeymoons are basically a short ‘escape’ for newly weds to have fun and take a vacation from all the wedding stress and hustle. Mostly, couples use this opportunity to travel, spend time with each other and visit sites of attraction. In Africa, honeymoons were not really much of a fancy till we adopted white weddings and everything that comes with it. Some travel outside their cities or even their countries to spend time together while some just book hotels and beach resorts.

The prime relevance of honeymoons is to spend some time together with your loved one. Some say it is an opportunity to give themselves a treat and enjoy themselves away from phone calls and work. Some couples go on honeymoons for as long as a month which of course would depend on your financial capabilities and work schedule. During this time, friends and family are expected to give the newlyweds some space and some peace devoid of phone calls and other disturbances.

But is the idea of honeymoons still relevant? Recently, most couples do not fancy the idea of going on a honeymoon maybe due to lack of finance or maybe they see no relevance of it at all. Some say both couples would definitely end up living in one house so what is the need for a honeymoon if they can just spend it in their marital home?. This might be a problem if one of the couple, especially the bride,  seems too excited about a honeymoon and she doesn’t get to experience one. For many, it is a waste of money and it is not needed. Others also see it as a vital part of every wedding. Some travel abroad and others also prefer to enjoy the luxury in their home countries.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, all honeymoon is about is to have fun, relax, have peace of mind and spend time with each other. Wherever you choose to spend this beautiful moment will solely depend on you.

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