Outfit Ideas and Tips For Wedding Guests

January 24, 2021 Comment

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Weddings are nothing without guests because they grace the occasion and serve as witnesses to a beautiful union. As a guest, it is very important to look your best but do not overdress. Most people believe a guest should not overdress to outshine the bride. Others do not also believe in this perception because they wear what they have and see nothing wrong with it.
Weddings these days take place at different venues and locations and that would influence your choice of outfits! Here are some tips to look good as a wedding guest.

1.Church Wedding
For a church wedding, you would want to dress decently and presentable. If you have any beautiful clothes that match the dressing code, you can wear it too. Your outfits sometimes influences the type of makeup to wear too. You can go in for a makeup that would not be too much since it can be destroyed due to sweat. Your footwear should also be on point. For men, you can wear a nice three piece suit, some kaftan, or even a nice African Print outfit! Do not overdress!

2.Beach wedding
For a beach wedding, try to wear something beautiful but simple. Remember the wedding would take place at a beach side so your choice of footwear should also be important. Because of the sea breeze, wear clothes you would feel comfortable in and avoid overdressing. It’s a just a beach wedding. You can choose to wear outfits with colors that match the dress code or clothes with colors that matches the atmosphere like blue for the sea, green for the tropical setting.

3.Garden Wedding
Dress simply but look classy for a garden wedding. Since it’s a garden wedding, remember to wear clothes which match with the atmosphere. Wear clothes you would be comfortable in and you can put on a flower headband to give it a finishing touch!

4.Hotel Weddings
As long as a wedding is scheduled at a hotel, just know that the reception would definitely take place there. Dress with a dinner in mind but more of an outfit that can serve a wedding and dinner purpose. You would want to wear clothes and footwear you would feel comfortable in because it might be a long night.

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