How To Select A Great Range Of Songs For Your Guests

January 3, 2021 Comment

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Occasions without music is not lively because music is an essential part of everyone’s life. Some even say that music is good for the soul. Wedding receptions are always characterized by dancing and singing along to songs. So just in case you want your guests to really enjoy and have the best party, here are some tips to choose the right songs for your reception;

Consider their age groups
Obviously your guests list would include individuals of different age groups and different taste. Some may live highlife especially the older guests, the younger ones might love to listen to pop music, hip pop and other modern music genres. Both old and young guests might also have songs they love listening to in common. When you know their age groups it helps to play songs they can all sing along and dance to.

Selecting your DJ
This is very important since the DJ would be controlling and playing music in that special day. You should choose a good DJ and someone who can easily relate and communicate well with your guests . Choose someone who can communicate well and engage your guests. You could seek recommendations from your friends and family.

You can also organize musical games like sing-alongs and karaoke and even dance competitions to keep your guests engaged and have fun too. Playing such games would keep them relaxed, get to know each other and have fond memories after the weddings.

Inviting Musicians and Live Band
If most of the individuals on your guests list are old aged, you could invite a high life, gospel musician or any genre they would love to hear to entertain them. They would love to even take pictures and sing along with them. Since you would have guests from different age groups, you can invite a musician who sings highlife and also a musician who sings hip pop and other modern genres of music to keep the program balanced.

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