Wedding Myths : Swallowing Eggs Before The Wedding Day

December 24, 2020 Comment

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There is this tradition amongst Ghanaian traditional communities where a bride is made to eat ‘3t)’, a delicacy made with mashed riped plantain or even yam and tarnished with roasted groundnuts, eggs and salted fish. A bride swallows the eggs because it is believed to be a symbol of fertility.

It is believed that if a bride swallows the eggs on her wedding day, it would prepare and clear her womb for childbearing. The bride must swallow the egg as a whole and not crush or bite into it with her teeth whilst doing so. This is because in the olden days, it is believed that if she bites into the eggs or crushes it with her teeth, she has indirectly crushed her womb and bitten her unborn children. To many, it is regarded as a bad omen. Childbearing is the foundation of every society and family lineage that is why this tradition is regarded as important and sacred.

In recent times, things have changed and most brides eat other foods in place of ‘3t)’. For many people, the mashed plantain is too traditional. In Ghana, people now have a light breakfast, jollof, yam and stew or even plain rice and stew.

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