DIY: How To Make A Wedding Necklace

December 15, 2020 Comment

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Want to surprise a beloved on her special day? Or you want to make your own wedding necklace to cut down cost? Here are some steps to make your own wedding necklace!

You would need a lace from your wedding dress(since you want want it to match what you’re wearing), a glass circle and pendant tray, A clear fabric permanent adhesive, a small square of poster board, a pair scissors and a pen.

Step 1
You would have to remove any beads sewn on the lace. You could save the beads for a bracelet later.

Step 1

Step 2
Put your glass circle or stone on the cardboard or poster board to make a little pattern.

Step 2

Step 3
Cut out your pattern from the cardboard.

Step 4
Decide on which part of the lace you want to be seen through the glass stone. You could try laying the stone on the lace to see where it would fit.

Step 4

Step 5
Place the pattern on the lace and cut around it. Be sure not to trace the circle onto the lace and do not move the pattern whilst cutting around it.

Step 6
Be sure your cut pattern would fit into the pendant and glass circle without poking out. Put the cardboard pattern and cut lace separately in the pendant and place the glass stone on top. If it’s too big, you can then trim around it.

Step 7
Apply a little bit of the fabric adhesive at the back of the glass stone and place your lace carefully on the stone. It would be a sticky experience.

Step 8
Now apply a bit of the fabric adhesive at the back of the lace and press the stone and lace into the pendant tray. Then squeeze tightly to make it firm. You might get some glue on the stone so wipe it immediately with a wet paper before it dries.

There you go! Right easy steps to making your own wedding necklace!

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