The Recent Trend of Kente for Engagement Ceremonies and Weddings

December 11, 2020 Comment

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Kente cloth is an element intertwined with the Ghanaian culture. Recently, most newlyweds choose to wear Kente for their engagement ceremonies and others even wear it for their weddings.

Some say it is much cheaper and traditional but others argue that an original Kente from Bonwire costs a lot, maybe more than a gown, unless the couple do not choose to wear an original. Kente has various beautiful patterns, designs and colors which flawlessly compliments the African natural skin and most women choose to grace that occasion with the traditional Kente and accessories.

There has also been an emergence of using the Kente cloth in addition the fabrics to make beautiful wedding gowns. Some wedding gowns have Kente cloths at the ends and even in the middle. Brides who preferred to wear such gowns looked beautiful and glamorous especially since it adds a classic touch of tradition and creativity.

For accessories, most earrings have now being made with the Kente cloth and same applies to shoes and bags which compliments the cloth. Alongside wearing the Kente cloth for engagements, most brides hold large bridal fans which adds a touch of queenly look.

Anyone who attends such a wedding would leave amazed at the creativity of fitting in traditional clothing with the usual white gowns and some also pick a thing or two details to fix in their own weddings too!

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