Some Don’ts During Courtship

December 11, 2020 Comment

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Courtship is the period where a couple get to know each other and during this time, decide whether or not they would proceed to get married. In most African cultures, Ghana to be precise, there are certain things you shouldn’t do whilst courting. Here are some of the don’ts during courtship.

Do not engage in sex, kissing or caressing.
When you begin to have thoughts of lust and focus on sexual related activities, you might not be happy with the outcome. There may even be an unplanned pregnancy and most Ghanaians families do not condone pregnancy before marriage. Having sex after marriage is something most religious people hold in high esteem since they believe it is an honor to marry as a virgin.

Do not move in together
You should not move in together with your partner or even perform any chores supposed to be done by a wife. This is because he has not yet paid your bride price or dowry and so he does not have any right over you. Visiting each other is accepted. Moving in together might lead to having premarital sex and it is. It acceptable in most African cultures.

Don’t tell lies
Most people think that the worst you could do to someone is to lead them on especially during courting. Telling lies as early as during courtship would definitely mean it would be like during marriage. If you start having doubts during courtship, you have to express your feelings even if it would hurt the other person. You shouldn’t keep things from your partner.

Don’t court more than one person at a time
Courting definitely is what would lead to marriage and abstain from keeping multiple partners because it is morally not right and it is an act which is heavily spoken against. Leading two or more people on with the intention having a long term relationship or even marriage does not always augur well. You would have to keep one partner and focus on developing and growing.

Don’t continue if the relationship is not working
If you start having doubts and you realize the relationship is not going the way you wished it would, you should be bold to talk it over with your partner or even quit the relationship. A relationship should be in both partners interest so if you realize it is no more working, it should be discontinued.

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