4 Tips on How To Relate With Your In-Laws

December 11, 2020 Comment

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In Ghanaian context of marriages, it is believed that once the man or the woman marries into a family, they does not only marry their partner but also the whole family as well so the woman must regard her husband’s family as her own and the man should regard his wife’s family as his own. Although some in-laws may pose as a strong challenge to couples especially if they are not in support of the union, other in-laws contribute immensely to the success of their children’s marriage.
Here are a few tips to help you build a successful real with your in-laws;

1. Show gratitude
You should acknowledge the fact that it is their son or daughter you’re married to and they are where they are now because of their parents so you should show your gratitude to them by treating them with respect and taking good care of them.

2. Treat Them With Respect
Your in-laws should be treated with respect because they are older in age and you should regard them as you do your parents. You should speak softly and allow them to tell what they like and do not like. You should be friendly and smile whenever they visit and avoid frowning since that might send them a bad signal that you do not want them in your home.

3.Overlook the little irritants
In-laws are always likely to irritate and intimidate you but mostly they do that to test your patience. You might end up saying something you’re not supposed to say if you easily react to whatever they do. Give them space if they want and respect their decisions but that shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself too. Your intentions should be made clear in order not be dictated to.

4.Focus on yourself
You are the one in the marriage an so you should focus on yourself and your partner and not your in-laws. You can sought advice from them if the need arises but you should go a long way to try to impress them to make them like you. If you have a great personality and you focus on yourself, you wouldn’t have to try much to gain their trust and love.

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