5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Location

December 8, 2020 Comment

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A wedding location is certainly what would set the mood for a beautiful wedding. Whilst other choose an extravagant and luxurious location, others choose a cool and calm wedding venues. Some love garden and even beach weddings!

The following tips are what you should consider when choosing a wedding location;

1. You should talk to your wedding planner
Wedding planners would definitely know the location to suggest because they have been working and planning many weddings and they would know the kind of space to suit your budget and to have your dream wedding. They would know the things you would need to help transform even a small space into your dream wedding location.

2. Consider your guest list
If you have a long guest list, you might have to choose a location that would be able to accommodate them since you would not want a large turnout of attendants which the venue might not be able to accommodate. This will help you stay in budget since the number of guests you are inviting depends on it. This will aid you choose a venue which can accommodate or host your guests.

3. Remember your budget
A lot would go into the price list when deciding on a location. You should consider a location which would not eat out your budget. If the expenses that the location would accumulate would be more than what you have in your budget then maybe you would have scale back and choose somewhere else in order not to incur loss after having the wedding. You should choose a location that would suit your taste and at the same time suit your budget.

4. Consider the experience and taste of your guests
If you’re having a destination wedding or inviting foreign guests or guests who are used to staying out of town, you may choose to host the wedding at a venue closer to a hotel. This is because they would like to spend a day or two after the wedding since they’re out of town. Your guest’s experience would determine the kind of location you want to have the wedding, be it the beach, hotel or gardens.

5. Choose a serene environment
Most weddings these days are no more hosted in churches. Most couples choose to have it at other venues. Some couples would choose the gardens full of blossoming flowers which would set a calm mood and also ensure the comfort of their guests. Others would also choose to have beach weddings to give a cool and calm atmosphere.

You should choose an environment which would ensure maximum comfort of your guests.

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