10 Interesting Wedding Traditions, Superstitions and Facts

December 8, 2020 Comment

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Weddings are happy and important moments in an individual’s life and so it is regarded as a sacred union between a couple. Different people from different parts of the world with different culture have varying perceptions about marriage. There are many myths and beliefs that surround marriage as a union and most people grow up hearing such stories and eventually believe them.

1.it is believed that on the wedding day, before the bride is brought to the altar to exchange vows with the groom, he should not see her in the wedding gown. It is believed to be a sign of bad omen. This myth is widespread in different parts of the world especially in the Western cultures. It is believed that the groom should only see his bride when she is brought to the altar. Some say this helps the groom to be wowed with her glamorous appearance and look in the gown and also to appreciate her beauty.

2.Another belief is that yet to be brides who are not virgins should not wear tiaras and the veil. This belief is quite religious and some people treat it with importance. It is believed that only virgins should put on the wedding veil but then others have explained that veils do not have anything to do with virginity. Veils were not to be unveiled until vows are exchanged and the marriage is consummated. In some cultures, the man can choose to cancel the wedding if he feels the woman chosen for him is not attractive after unveiling her.


3.In some cultures like the Hindus, rain on one’s wedding day symbolizes fertility and cleansing. It is believed that most couples attract the blessings of having children if it rains on their wedding day. A couple’s experienced a heavy rain on their wedding day and they were blessed with a baby boy nine months after their wedding.

4. Horseshoes are also regarded as goodluck . Many years ago, horseshoes have been believed to bring good luck and people still regard it as such. If a bride carries a horseshoe with ribbons tied on it during the wedding, it is believed to bring her good luck.

5. According to the Greek culture, if the bride, puts a cube of sugar into her gloves or inside any place in her gown, it is said to sweeten their union or marriage.

6.A Pearl engagement ring is said to be bad luck because it’s shape resembles a tear drop. This is considered as a bad luck since it might bring only sadness or mishaps on the day of the wedding or during the marriage.

7. In Finnish culture, it is believed that if a soon to be bride goes door to door collecting gifts in a pillowcase accompanied by an old married man who represents long marriage, she and her groom would have a long marriage.

8. Some women also bathe themselves with milk before their wedding ceremony. This is done to purify themselves before they get married. It is believed that this would purify and cleanse them.

9. The English also believe that finding a spider in a bride’s gown is a sign of good luck. Good luck? Most brides would scream as soon as they see one.

10.In the Egyptian culture, the women pinch the bride on the wedding day for good luck. Ouch!

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