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December 1, 2020 Comment

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Weddings are not just moments for celebration but an opportunity to look out for what the future holds for you and your partner and prepare towards how you want your marriage to be. Most at times the commitment is based on love, the level of preparation the couple makes and the focus on what’s important and lasting.

It is important for brides and grooms to consider engaging in thought provoking conversations about what their budget is and if their income will meet it.

Contemporarily, Kente has been the order of the day especially for most Ghanaian weddings. Here are few tips you should know to help you choose and decide wisely.


Kente comes in different colours and Designs. So you must know the colour and type of Kente or Design of Kente you want.

There are some Kente you can get readily available on the market. However, for your uniqueness on your wedding day, you could consider going in for weaving.. Weaving takes minimum between 2-3 weeks and Maximum 1-2 Months.

It is a requirement that you get your Kente worked on 2-3 months way before the month you decide to get your Kente worked on for your traditional Marriage.

It takes time for Kente to be designed to look exactly as you want for your Special Day.

Remember there are colours and shades of colours that might not necessarily be available and so be ready to work with your Kente weaver or seller to work around the colours.

You could have 600gh and get it designed to look like a 1000Gh Kente it all depends on the style and the designer who will design your dress.

Clients pay half the price then when we are about done with the weaving they pay the final installment plus delivery fee and we send it to them.
If it’s readily available then they will have to pay in full then it’s sent to them with pick up or via delivery.

At Stephies Kente Parlour we work with the Clients with what they want and also get them alternatives which will work well with their budget. Kente is the only language that speaks our culture and brings out the joining of two souls perfectly. With a Budget as low as 550GH can get you Kente this December.

Stephies Kente Parlour offers you with Quality Bonwire Kente and great customer relationship and satisfaction.

You could trust us with your dress on your special day.

Kente is Stephies Kente Parlour .



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