Choosing A Wedding Date

November 30, 2020 Comment

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One of the things that brings joy to a woman or a man is to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. One thing that makes this journey is the date set for the public to witness this great event. For the many who have successfully selected a date for their wedding, they would confess it wasn’t an easy one. Some have had to pay extra money to consultants to set or pick a date for them. Here is how you can easily set your wedding date without stress.

A major factor that must be considered before all other considerations are done is to know how soon you would want to marry. This may vary from one couple to the other depending on so many factors such as finance, family’s preparedness and other incongruent factors.

However, the ideal situation is to give yourself about nine to twelve months to make this preparation. Sometimes booking event homes, catering homes, decor agencies based on your taste are little factors that can give you an idea as to how soon you would want to get married. Sometimes, people find themselves in awkward situations where their partner may be carrying a baby and may need to quickly to do the ceremony to cover it and legitimize it.

In addition to deciding how soon you would want to marry there are other symbiotic factors that you would need to consider.

Another factor that can shape or make your marriage selection date easier is brainstorm the date that is symbolic or means a lot to you. You would want to tie that big day to a day that is special to you. Some of the days that majority including Douglas who has been married for thirteen years believes works better for him was the date they had their first kiss.

“Jessica and I had our first kiss on the 3rd of April, interestingly it was a Saturday, and three and half years later, we realized that it was a Saturday. So, we went for it and this day continues to be a symbolic and historical day for us.

Your situation may not be like Douglas and Jessica, but you can decide that you wed on a date that was symbolic to a good occurrence, birthday of someone you both cherished, or a day that How romantic would remain so natural and memorable. Some who are religious have decided to even use some historic days in their religious manuscripts to be a day that they could marry on. It is not a surprise in Ghana a lot of people marry from October to December. However, whatever decision you take, just know that your belief and decision is solely yours.

Sometimes the season or weather pattern during the year could also be a guide or a clue for those who want to marry. Many people would want to usually swerve the raining season or winter because of the weather conditions. This may also be because the venue isn’t available or could be less expensive during that time since less people are like to book it for any event. Â Usually, the dry season is ideal and a lot of marriages are held during this period.

So whether it is because of religion, special preference or any reason choose a wedding date that suits your taste and belief since that is what you are comfortable. Your wedding date must be on a date that you find interesting and convenient.

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