“Don’t Just Hire Any Photographer For Your Wedding “ Consider These 4 Things

November 16, 2020 Comment

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Weddings are very special days in the lives of the couple who symbolize their dedication to each other publicly through this ceremony. It affords them the opportunity to announce to the world that they are off the market. That is why memories on this particular day is very essential.

One group of people who can help a couple keep such a healthy and joyous memory is a photographer. These photographers put the beauty of the whole day’s activity in a frame. With a plethora of photographers around as a result of the easy ownership of digital cameras, what must one consider in order to hire just anyone as a photographer on such an enormous and august occasion.

One thing a couple can do if they really want to get the best photographer for the event is to get an experienced and well-established photographer. Your wedding day is not the time for clinicals and practice just as is done in the medical field when these health students are attached to health facilities to assist and learn on the job. A wedding moment with someone happens once. As a result, you must really get the most experienced or well experienced photographer to handle your event. With the advent of technology, most of these photographers are not difficult to find. Just log on to any social media page, either twitter, Instagram or even Facebook. Take a cursory look at their works and be convinced that they can give you those crisp, emotional moments on that big day. After doing this, invite them over for a discussion or you can call on them on WhatsApp video call, google meet, zoom or if possible, face to face (be careful in this coronavirus period). Let them come along with at least three (3) full albums of other couples they have worked with and inspect the pictures carefully asking all questions to clear your doubts or satisfy your curiosity.

Another thing to consider when hiring any photographer is to consider the photographer who easily understands your concept for the day. Although you are not a photographer, certainly you may have a taste for a certain feel of pictures you so admire. Speak with the photographer who can demonstrate a clear understanding of what you want, what you want to achieve and what especially is involved. Mr. Mumuni who earlier spoke shares his experience of how a photographer nearly marred their wedding day. So, I had apparently hired two photographers, one was my wife’s brother who happened to be a professional photographer who offered to do a pro bono camera job for us. I felt it was unfair to do so, because for one he didn’t have a lot of experience, and it was not just right to use him free of charge. As a result, someone made a recommendation and I followed suit. This guy came with his huge price and demands so I thought he was professional. During the wedding, he was busily chatting with some young girls who had appeared at the wedding. He lost track and focus of the day. He also took pictures of people who were not so comfortable with taking pictures by people whom they’ve not contracted and this nearly resulted in a fight as one of the people got livid over what he calls irresponsible photographer and non-professional. On the other hand, my in-law’s pictures were top notch. He told me that he had discussed the concept with her and he added his ingenuity to it making it look entirely new.
Avoid such mistakes when hiring, hire a photographer, who has the ability to conceptualize, and produce beyond your concept and your expectations.

Another important thing to consider is whether upon all these barrage of scrutiny, the photographer is within your budget or pay check. To have a very informed decision about photographers and their works, you must try to engage with a plethora of them.
Sometimes, the ones whom we think is expensive gives us a very good package, but in reality, we ask ourselves, do we need the pre wedding photos, and at what cost. This is the reason why we need to dialogue with our prospective client, photographer over cost and package. If it is within his work frame, the photographer may consider. Gerald and Ewura Ama shared their experience. They revealed that although they had wanted a particular photographer after reviewing his work, they realized it was way beyond their budget.
“My wife literally fell in love with his works than she fell in love with me, but the sad thing was that we didn’t have that kind of budget. Although the one we settled on also gave us very great pictures that put smiles on our faces, if we had done consultations over photography charges, we could have planned well. Nonetheless, our choice was an excellent one because although we had penned down several photographers with great showreels, we finally had one whom we could save a few cedis and still give us those great moments.

This is one of the many torments that wedding couples face, but it is worth it to know the standard budget and dilly dally around that figure so you could save some extra Cedi and still get those memorable moments in frame.
A photographer on a wedding can be compared to a trusted chauffeur whom you can count on. In these days, it is quite difficult to find people you can even give the benefit of the doubt. However, for a choice of photographer, pick the one whom you can relate well with. Photography is like religion. Each religious body sees its members as a
family. Build that rapport with your photographer, a sordid or strict relationship with that photographer could ruin your day.
Mrs. Mumuni recalls the encounter she had with the photographer her husband hired. “He was just something else, all over the place, extremely formal, no sense of humor, and sometimes even during the picture section, he could hardly utter a word. May be because he felt he wasn’t comfortable working with me simply because he had had some arguments with my brother whom he felt didn’t deserve to be taking photos. I am sure even if we had hired another photographer in the absence of my brother and he could make us laugh and feel comfortable around, we would have enjoyed his company.

On the contrary, her experience feels the different with Ewurama, who shared her experience. Initially, we felt because we had gone in for a low budget photographer, everything would just be bad and we would have ourselves to blame for being a bit economical, but damn, he was something else. He could make you laugh and even when after a hectic day, he needs to give you those exclusive pictures, he has a way of psyching you to get in gear. We felt good about our decision although, it was a risk, but he jelled like a family and till date, we always refer either him as an individual if it’s not a huge gig, but if it’s beyond his strength, we always encourage him to do it the company way, involving his mother photography company.

It is obvious that the joy that comes from making a good decision about a photographer who can put those smiles on your face and communicate better with the couple managing the stress that and expectations that comes with photography could be immense. However, you must know your financial circumstances before you engage any photographer, because honestly, photography work deals with a lot, hence sometimes some charges from other photographers could be outrageous, but if you cherish their hard work and commitment, spending a few Cedis is not absolutely a bad idea.

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